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How to Spot Dehydration

On a beautiful, warm day like today, remember to keep yourself hydrated! Dehydration can sneak up on you because we lose water in many ways, not just by sweat! __________ A few dehydration signs:

💧Thirst 💧Dizziness 💧Shortness of breath 💧Lack of energy 💧Delayed muscle recovery 💧Profusely sweating 💧Lack of sweat with increased body temperature 💧Dark urine 💧Lack of thirst with all of the above 💧Chills 💧Headaches ________ Don’t let yourself get to those points! Stay ahead of the game! Dehydration is no joke, so drink up! ________ #pitfitnessalbany #hydrate #drinkwater#albanynewyork #albanyny #dontstaythirsty#waterislife #electrolytestooplease

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