PIT Fitness offers a great opportunity for seasoned trainers looking to start their own business.  Here at PIT, our trainers are independent contractors that set their own rates and their own schedules.  

As a trainer at PIT, you have the opportunity to make upwards of 80% of the income you generate.

If you are a Certified Personal Trainer currently working a 9-5, wishing you could still live out your passion  as a fitness enthusiast, PIT could be just what you need.  

PIT provides a fun and professional environment for you to live out your entrepreneurial dreams, while maintaining the security of your 9-5 and continuing to help others live a healthier life!

The side hustle is real!  

If becoming part of the PIT Fitness team sounds like it's meant for you, contact us at or (518) 944-8482.

*This is not an opportunity for employment. It’s an opportunity to be part of a team where you can rent space and be your own business!  Certified Personal Trainers not in a 9-5, looking for a space to train as a contractor, are also encouraged to reach out!