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PIT Fitness & Capital cardiology 

Cardiac rehabilitation Pilot program



P.I.T. stands for “Precision and Individualized Training,” which means we create individualized training programs for our clients customized to their physical goals and fitness level.  As a partner with Capital Cardiology, P.I.T. Fitness promises to go above and beyond to educate and provide a safe and effective program for patients.




The objective of the Cardiac Rehab Program is to provide a high-quality individualized program for patients who have a current cardiovascular condition. P.I.T. understands that the cardiac conditions will vary from patient to patient; therefore, our team of professional trainers will need to develop a program where the patient can be met “where they are” from a fitness perspective.


The Pilot Program will run for 6 weeks and will consist of 25 - 30 patients who are willing to take part in the initial dry run of the program. The goal of the pilot program is to develop a consistent methodology where patients can be successfully monitored, and overall progress of each patient can be documented.  The data will be collectively gathered and provided to Capital Cardiology for further assessment. The pilot program will allow P.I.T., in collaboration with Capital Cardiology, to make any changes necessary before the program is launched to a larger number of participants.


Cardiac Rehab Program Details


A patient can only participate in the program with a referral from a capital cardiology physician. Once the patient is successfully paired with a P.I.T. professional trainer, the program will follow the following steps of the National Academy of Sports Medicine’s (NASM) methodology:

  1. Initial consultation to determine overall goals and fitness level

  2. Individualized program designed by professional trainer

  3. Progressive workload to assist patient with their recovery

  4. Introduction to resistance training if and when it is appropriate

  5. Monthly progress reports to keep patients accountable and to capture data to determine effectiveness of program

Pilot Program Details


The Pilot Program will run from 11/15/20 – 1/2/21. Each patient will receive twelve (12) 30-minute sessions during the 6-week period.  Patients that participate in the pilot program will receive a 10% discount on all future monthly training rates.


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